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Bosch unlimited vs dyson v11 dyson v6 fluffy обзор

Bosch unlimited vs dyson v11

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And speaking of rollers, this one comes with two — a front mounted towel-covered one for catching larger detritus and a brush roller behind it for deep cleaning. The steerable head — replete with LED headlights — was easy to manoeuvre, too, and surprisingly easy to push around. In fact, I did most of the test using the lowest suction level with only occasional need for the boost.

Very impressive. As is the case with all cordless vacs, the Shark comes with an assortment of tool attachments — almost too many — for detailed cleaning of stairs, shelves and crevices. Offering Dyson-rivalling battery life and even better cleaning power when used as an upright, the Pure doubles as a stick vac, converting in just a few seconds. The only down side to its stick incarnation is it does remain tethered to the upright portion — rather like the pull out handheld part of a Dyson corded upright, in fact.

This is for some reason made of carbon fibre, which seems to be the go-to design idea for brands with no aesthetic sense and a desire to seem high-tech. Unlike almost every other cordless vac it uses little tiny bags rather than being bagless, and the dirt collection area is not a cunningly designed capsule that pings out at the press of a button.

However, that all rather fades into insignificance when you clean floors with it, as it performs supremely well. On hard floors in particular, cleaning performance is comparable to both, as is overall battery life. It also feels a bit ridiculous to be using bags in a vac in Taking a totally different approach to Dyson and co, the AirRam Mk2 K9 is a traditional upright vac, stripped down to the lightest, simplest form possible, yet still highly effective.

The dirt collection system is one of the very best. All detritus is compressed into a cylindrical capsule positioned just behind the front roller brush. To clean, you just remove the 0. It can also go very low to the ground, to get under beds and other furnishings with legs. The only surfaces the AirRam struggled with are thin rugs, as the fast-spinning rotary brush is positioned at a low, non adjustable height, it tends to suck them up into its maw.

That small limitation aside, the AirRam Mk2 K9 is one of the very best at removing pet hair. However, if you invest in the cordless Gtech Multi handheld at the same time as the AirRam you do get a discount. Despite being nearly 5 years old — an age in gadget years, the Dyson V8 Absolute is still a great option. By this point, there are a number of cordless vacs that are better when it comes to cleaning large expanses of carpet and hard floor.

The V8 was the first Dyson that really started to solve the problems previously inherent in cordless vacs. Firstly, the bin. With the V8, you just pull up a red latch and the entire motor and filter arrangement lifts out, as the bottom hatch opens, emptying everything into the bin, with nothing stuck to the filter. Push the filter and motor back into place and anything stuck to it is squeegeed off by its housing. Then just flip the lid shut. The V8 can go for 40 minutes as a handheld, with the basic but well designed brush and crevice tools, and with the extension tube and powered floor brushes fitted.

If you have the strength of Hercules, you can use it with the main power unit-cum-dust collector positioned near the top of the suction tube. This method is not only far easier on the wrist and forearm, it enables the unit to stand up on its own for easy storage and behave more like a standard upright cleaner. The third configuration involves removing the main suction tube and using it as a hand vac for stairs, shelves and hard-to-reach areas. For some reason maximum battery efficiency apparently , Miele recommends the very first charge is carried out while the battery is attached to the power unit oops.

From thereon in the battery can be removed and charged separately. It certainly passes much muster in the pet hair arena though the small bagless dust collector does fill up very quickly, especially if your pet is of the long-haired variety. On the plus side, the collector is a doddle to empty.

Suction is excellent but you do have to keep the main brush head moving on carpets or it may stop spinning a byproduct of the design that allows you to stand the unit upright while still on if pausing between sessions. Power wise, the Triflex comes with three levels of suction and runs for about 60 minutes on the lowest setting and about 17 minutes on the highest. Mind, the suction on even the lowest setting is ample for most vacuuming duties. It also comes with the obligatory trio of small crevice tools.

A long-life HEPA filter completes a very efficient but pricey package. Previous Bosch cordless vacs have been a bit iffy in terms of heft and looks. To be brutally frank, they were fatty boom booms. But a very, very good one. Firstly, although its battery life is fairly pitiful, Bosch gets around this by the ingenious means of… including a second battery. The other selling points are that cleaning performance on carpet and hard floor is excellent, and well up to Dyson standard in real-life, day-to-day use I try not to get too bogged down in seeing which vac can suck up one square metre of rice crispies or flour the best.

Oh, and the long crevice tool. This looks absolutely ridiculous, turning the vac into a sort of robot anteater, but it is fantastically useful for cleaning skirting boards, footwells, down the back of the washing machine and so on. But seriously, just look at it.

The only real debit, if you ignore the rather premium price and slightly excessive weight, is the duster tool. The Bosch one is rubbish. Where other sensor- and processor-based models like the Dyson v11 and Roborock H6 monitor battery usage and the type of surface the brush head is on, this one goes even further to include information on whether the brush roller is tangled or if an air channel is blocked with debris.

This is beautifully illustrated in real time with a ring of light that surrounds the four-inch circular LED display above the handle. I tried this out and, amazingly, the motor ramped up the suction and the colour changed from blue to red just as the brush head reached the prearranged section of heavy detritus. Unlike the Roborock and Dyson, battery countdown on the S12 is in percentages. I managed to get between 40 and 50 minutes out of each battery, which amounts to a lot of vacuuming.

The S12 always starts up in Auto mode, adjusting suction when necessary. However, you can easily override this by using the tactile finger slide which goes all the way to full power. In fact, the main brush head makes more noise than the motor and air flow. The two main motorised cleaning heads are comprised of the aforementioned noisy brushed version with ribbed spindle that batters along the carpet agitating the dirt in the process, and a smooth velvet roller that is better suited to hard floors.

Both rollers picked up everything in their path, including large clumps of dog hair. We tried this tool on a dog bed but it failed to make an impression, most likely because the revolving bristles are way too soft. Our final tool is the one that cleans the filter. Simply remove the spare one inside, pop in the dirty one, attach the tool to the handle unit and switch it on.

The filter is spun at high speed against internal brushes that remove all traces of dust. Despite the myriad of bells and whistles, when it came down to the tasks in hand, the Tineco proved to be exceptional in practically all disciplines, whether on carpets, hard floors, curtains, sofas or stairs. If this Bissell came out about 12 months ago, it would have been a sensation, offering Dyson-like cleaning for way less money. However, the sad fact of the matter is that a lot of brands have now caught up with Dyson in terms of cleaning, and the likes of Vax are offering it for less money than what Bissell is asking.

Surely an icon is meant to be something unique, or exceptional? This Icon is neither. That is not to underestimate the Icon, however. It sits very neatly in the gap between the Dyson V11 and Vax Blade 4 in the most important ways: price, build quality and looks. It also offers a headlight not only on its main cleaning head but also on its small dust tool.

I think that is a first. Okay it is arguably not very useful, and the dust tool overall is quite poor, due to its vertical-rather-than-horizontal shape… But it is a first. Other than that, everything about the Icon is good to excellent. The bin is easy to empty, after a little practice, there are three power settings so you can balance suction and battery life and it looks quite handsome.

Overall cleaning performance is generally very good, even if it falls short, on average, of the vacs above it in the list. Roborock is best known for its very good robotic vacuum cleaners so this stick vac is a first for them. If you find most cordless stick vacs are simply too heavy to use, especially in hand-held mode, then consider this powerful, quiet and very effective model that weighs just 1. The battery is another talking point. Where many cordless vacs use Lithium Ion batteries, this one is equipped with a built-in Lithium-Polymer that, aside from being generally safer and more efficient, produces a running time of up to 90 minutes in Auto mode.

At 23cm, the revolving brush head is a tad wider than many others and it picked up pretty much everything we threw in its path. Aside from the main brush bar, the Roborock H6 comes with a motorised mini brush for dog detritus, a dusting brush, crevice tool and a short flexible hose for reaching awkward areas deep under furniture and beds.

It also comes with a handy charging stand that mounts to the wall. You get three power modes with this vac: an Eco mode for light dusting; a clever Auto mode that detects the difference between hard floors and carpets, ramping up the power automatically when required; and a full-blast, battery-sapping mode that creates black-hole proportions of suck.

Few other cordless sticks provide such visual feedback as this thing. On top of the handle is a small OLED screen that provides second-by-second battery levels while you hold in the trigger. We like this a lot. Furthermore, the Roborock H6 is equipped with a five-stage twin-HEPA filtration system that expels sweet smelling air even when used on a dusty and hairy dog carpet. It is said to remove all micro crap down to 0.

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The best drills, drill drivers and hammer drills with lithium-ion power cells and enough torque for any DIY task. Robot vacs have improved a lot in the last few years making the choice of which to buy tougher… until you read this.

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Der Dyson V11 Absolute bietet ein detailliertes Display.


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Not so the Unlimited, which converts into a small handheld unit. But this Bosch has more up its sleeve than simply adopting a new design. It also has some extras to challenge Dyson, including interchangeable batteries that work across the Bosch cordless power and garden tool range. Read on to see how it compares with other premium models, or skip to our Best Buy cordless vacuum cleaners for the best cheaper options. The Bosch Unlimited comes in three versions: basic, standard and premium.

You get extra filtration on the standard and premium models, but the quick charger and spare battery only come with the premium model. The Bosch and Dyson have a similar battery life when using the main floor tool.

However, Bosch claims that the Unlimited will recharge a lot faster, using its quick-charge mode, and of course its batteries are interchangeable. But if you have Bosch cordless power tools or garden tools at home, it will also work with the rechargeable batteries from any of these products, which could be handy. Sin embargo, Bosch tienen muy buenas aspiradoras. Y hay que tener en cuenta que no quiere perder el tren del mercado. Se ha esforzado en desarrollar aspiradoras como la gama Unlimited.

Con ellas trata de ser competencia directa a Dyson , y se suma a otras marcas de prestigio como Rowenta o Philips. Si ya tienes otras herramientas de Bosch, vas a poder sacarle partido siempre y cuando sean compatibles con esta aspiradora. No hay que olvidar una de las reglas de oro de las aspiradoras:. Capacidad para hacerlo tiene de sobra. Tal vez sea para evitar que un uso prolongado de la aspiradora recaliente el motor.

Quiere que dediques el menor tiempo posible a la tarea. Hay una diferencia importante entre el modo normal y el turbo. Sin embargo, la clave es lo que aspira en modo normal. No hace falta poner modo potencia maxima para que aspire perfectamente. Sin llegar a la Potencia de una aspiradora con cable, cumple su cometido. Si le pones el modo turbo, tienes potencia como un aspirador normal yo lo he usado muy poco este modo, porque con el normal me es suficiente.

Predominan las opiniones positivas sobre la potencia de una Dyson V8. Le falta potencia en mi opinion. El mantenimiento de los filtros es muy simple en la Dyson V8. Bosch no aclara que sus filtros sean HEPA. Todas las aspiradoras dyson cuentan con un sistema de vaciado del cubo innovador. A la izquierda la Dyson V8. La diferencia de precio no es demasiado significativa. El objetivo era comparar dos aspiradoras son cable de gama similar en precio.

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Dyson V11 vs V10 Cordless Vacuum TESTS / REVIEW / COMPARISON

The highest review score cordless vacuum cleaner on the market, is more effective at cleaning, and lasts longer. Wir zeigen das Angebot im. Average Brand Rating Bosch has a better average brand rating. Ver la comparativa entre las. The average brand rating for cleaning hard floors significantly easier. A lighter weight makes the vacuum easier to push, and with a best buy award from one expert review пылесосы дайсон официальный сайт chore another expert site and a. Bosch vacuum cleaners have an average rating of Washable filters are reusable, meaning your vacuum will be cheaper to run. It has a removable filter, regularly will mean your vacuum brush tool and is cordless. PARAGRAPHRemoving and cleaning the filters. Newer by Three Years.

Мы протестировали три яркие новинки года — BOSCH Unlimited, Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute и LG CordZero A9. Все это вертикальные беспроводные пылесосы, которые сейчас все более популярны и уже начинают вытеснять классические модели с проводом. Выяснили на что они способны: как убирают мусор с разных покрытий, легко ли и гигиенично очищаются пылесборники, эффективна ли система фильтрации. Плюс изучили интересные «фишки» каждой модели. Подробности — в нашем видео. Видео: Подписывайтесь на Tostr — наш специальный канал о домашней технике на YouTube. Пылесос Bosch BCS 1ALL. 20 отзывов. от 14 ?. Пылесос Dyson V11 Absolute. 83 отзыва. Нет предложений. Бытовая техника. Техника для дома. Техника для уборки. Сравнение: пылесос Bosch BCS 1ALL и пылесос Dyson V11 Absolute.  Линейка: unlimited 8. Объем пылесборника л. Работает от аккумулятора до 60 мин. Отсоединяемый ручной пылесос. Фильтр тонкой очистки. Управление мощностью на рукоятке. Объем пылесборника л. Measure and comparison of the air speed in rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaners С помощью Анемометра (flexible Thermo-Anemometer) сравниваем скорость воздуш.